General Terms and Condition

Commencement of project
Within 7 days after the receipt of the first payment.

Payment of Consultancy Fees
Payments shall be followed by the agreed payment schedule. For continuous delay in payment, Gabriel reserves the right to terminate the project on behalf of THE CLIENT.

Should THE CLIENT be dissatisfied with any of the services provided by Gabriel, it is agreed that THE CLIENT may reserve the right to terminate this proposal at any particular phase, subject to full payment being made to Gabriel for those services completed by Gabriel up to the phase where such notification to Gabriel is received in writing.

Certification Fee
The consultancy fee mentioned above excludes all fees charged by Certification Body.

Certification Guarantee
In case THE CLIENT fails in the ISO or FSC Certification audit due to system set up, Gabriel will continue to work with THE CLIENT at no additional charge.

Confidentiality of information
Gabriel shall regard and preserve as confidential all documents produced during consultancy services and shall not disclose to third parties without written consent by THE CLIENT.

Claims for loss and damage
Gabriel shall indemnify and keep THE CLIENT indemnified for any loss and damages arising from any claims against THE CLIENT by third party in relation to the aforementioned with a maximum amount of HK$ 1,000.