ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety Management System

ISO 39001 Benefit

  • Reducing accidents
  • Compliance with legislation
  • Enhance reputation
  • Cost savings
  • Positive Societal Impact

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What is ISO 39001 ?

ISO 39001 is a road traffic safety management system can help your company that interact with the road traffic system improve safety.

      1. ISO 39001 does is help these companies identify potential hazards or issues that could cause road accidents. Think of this like spotting potholes or sharp turns on a road trip – it’s about seeing the problems before they cause an accident.


      1. Once these potential hazards are identified, ISO 39001 doesn’t just leave the companies stranded. It provides guidance on how to address and reduce these problems. This might involve changing driving routes, updating driver training programs, or improving vehicle maintenance practices.


    1. But it’s not enough to simply fix a problem and move on. ISO 39001 ensures that the companies continually checks on their road safety performance. Are the solutions working? Are the roads getting safer? It’s like a road trip companion constantly checking the GPS to make sure you’re still on the right route.
    2. Finally, ISO 39001 instills a sense of continuous improvement in organizations. The road to safety isn’t a one-time journey – it’s an ongoing commitment. The standard encourages organizations to keep looking for potential hazards, keep solving them, and keep checking their progress. The goal is to make roads safer not just now, but also in the future.

In the end, the primary aim of ISO 39001 is to reduce the number of people who get hurt or die in road accidents. When a company follows the ISO 39001 roadmap, it’s making a commitment to help make our roads safer for everyone.

Benefit of ISO 39001

    • Increased operational efficiency: The framework provided by ISO 39001 can help companies streamline their operations, identify areas for improvement, and develop more efficient working practices.
    • Employee welfare: By prioritizing road safety, companies show a commitment to their employees’ safety and wellbeing, which can help to improve morale and productivity.
    • Societal Impact: Organizations adhering to ISO 39001 are contributing positively to their communities by reducing road traffic accidents, thereby reducing the strain on healthcare and emergency services.
    • Insurance premiums: Some insurance companies may offer reduced premiums to organizations that have achieved ISO 39001 certification, as it demonstrates a commitment to reducing risk

What is ISO 39001 for

  • Bus companies, delivery services, transportation departments, and emergency services

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ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety Management System

ISO 39001 Consultancy Service

We established 4 different milestones for monitoring purpose and described our activities in consultancy services from zero to certification.

ISO Certification Consultancy Service

Phase 1 System Review

  1. Understand the existing operation, documentation and infrastructure
  2. Identify key gap against ISO 39001 requirements

ISO 9001 Certification Consultancy Service

Phase 2 Documentation

  1. Establish management system framework
  2. Establish required procedures and forms

ISO9001 Certification Consultancy Service

Phase 3 Implementation

  1. Implement and operate the information security management system
  2. Prepare various records such risk assessment, risk treatment plan, asset inventory, business continuity plan, required by the documentation
  3. Assist client during implementation via regular advisory visit

ISO9001 Certification Consultancy Service

Phase 4 ISO 39001 Certification Audit

  1. Liaise with Certification Body for audit arrangement.
  2. Support the whole Certification Audit
  3. Provide suggestion for closing non conformity


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No hidden cost. Completion within budget and timeframe.

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Straight forward & Simple ISO documentation. Minimum workload is required.

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Frequent Asked Question

How long is ISO 39001 certification ?

The Fees depend on company size, number of locations, business nature and operation complexity.
For Company (Staff < 20), it take 6 months on average.
For Company (Staff ~50), it take 7-9  months on average.
For Company (Staff ~100), it take 8-10 months on average.

How do I get ISO 39001 certification

You may take below steps :

1) ISO Gap Analysis.
2) Establishment of ISO 39001 Documentation.
3) Attend ISO 39001 Training.
4) Implementation of ISO 39001 System.
5) Arrange an Internal Audit
6) External ISO 39001 Audit by Certification Body.

How much does it cost to get ISO 39001 Certification ?

There are two major Fees.
1) ISO 39001 Certification Fee charged by Accredited Certification Body such as SGS, Lloyd’s Register,BV, BSI, ACI, DW..
2) Consultant Fee charged by us.
The Fees depend on company size, number of locations, business nature and operation complexity

Can we make documentation by ourself instead of hiring Consultant?

Yes. You can take a series of training courses, draft the documentation…. liaise with Certification Body if you have sufficient time and master the ISO 39001 requirements

Can Certification Body tell us how to implement ISO 39001 System ?

No. Because of conflict of interest. Certification Body can provide ISO 39001 Standard generic training only but cannot tell you how to implement ISO 39001 System in your company.

What do Consultant provide service in assisting ISO 39001 Certification ?

Absolutely Yes. In general, ISO Consultant will draft documentation, guide your company to implement ISO 39001 system until passing in ISO 39001 Certification Audit.

When can we use ISO 39001 logo ?

In general, the company can put the ISO 39001 logo in the website, name card and letterhead after receipt of corresponding ISO 39001 Certificate.


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