FSC COC Certification

CASE STUDY | RaisePrint

One big of their Client requested RaisePrint to get FSC Certification and provide FSC Certified printed packaging for coming order. If RaisePrint could not get FSC Certificate, they may lose this client and a certain sales volume. They had no idea about FSC Certification how to comply and apply.

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non FSC Certified Company can sell FSC product ?

The reason is that the FSC-certified supplier resells the ownership of the FSC-labeled product to your company. Since your company did not have an FSC certificate at that time, your goods will immediately become non-FSC products. What is FSC Chain-of-Custody Certification ? Forest Stewardship Council developed two major certifications – Forest Management Certification and Chain …

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ISO13485 Mask

Face Mask and ISO13485

For example: When a mask manufacturer passed an ISO13485 certification audit  by UK accredited certification body (such as SGS, BV, Lloyd’s, BSI ..) covering operation and management of a company. The mask manufacturer received a UK Accredited ISO13485 certificate. The ISO13485 certificate states that the operation and management of masks manufacturers meet ISO13485 requirements. However, it cannot be claimed that the mask conforms to ISO13485, because ISO13485 is a certification of the company’s management practices, not a certification of the mask itself.

ISO 45001 vs OHSAS 18001 Comparison

ISO 45001 and OHSAS 18001 comparison

The new International Standard 45001 (OHSMS) has been launched in March 2018. It will replace the current OHSAS 18001 standard. The transition period is 3 Years. ISO 45001 standard will be internationally recognised, coherent, aligned and fully integrated with other ISO standards under new High Level Structure Annex A.

What is ISO

What is ISO

ISO is abbreviation of International Organisation for standardisation.
ISO is an independent and non-governmental international organization. Its central secretariat is located in Geneva.
It is made of over 164 representatives from different national standards bodies.

Why to get ISO 27001 Information Security Certification

 Information Security is a hot topic In the information technology era, information has not only become readily available but also very “compromised”. This applies in particular to confidential information. Today, when almost all business, from manufacturing organizations to banks, is performed through specialized information systems, information security becomes very important. In a very fierce competitive …

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