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Our Firm can help your company to get a FSC Certificate through FSC system set up and assistance to FSC Certification.


Simple and Straight Forward

What is FSC

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international network to promote responsible management of the world’s forests. FSC establish two certification schemes: 1) FSC CoC Certification  2) Forest Management Certification

What is FSC COC Certification
Chain of custody certification provides a guarantee about the production of FSC-certified products. Chain-of-custody is the path taken by raw materials from the forest to the consumer, including all successive stages of processing, transformation, manufacturing and distribution.

What is difference between FSC label and non FSC Label 
From a customer perspective, the FSC label represents a promise that is being made to them. Chain of custody standards are the mechanism FSC has to ensure that ‘promise‘ is delivered. Many printing consultants, printing firms and paper traders have been FSC certified.


Benefit of FSC COC

  • Sustain competitiveness
  • Meet with Client requirement
  • Environmental friendly

What is it for ?

  • Trading /wholesales of wood or paper product
  • Printing factory and wood product factory

What is the role of Gabriel Consultant ?

We are helping Client to get a FSC Certificate through set up FSC System and providing guidance for FSC Certification in UK.

FSC Consultancy Service Features 

Saving Time & Money

No hidden cost. Completion within budget and timeframe.

Easy to follow

Straight forward & Simple ISO documentation. Minimum workload is required.

Precise Training

Precise briefings / trainings to client for quick glance

Flexible schedule

Arranging meeting schedule up to Client request

How we work with you

We need to know your industry, number of staff, number of locations and scope of certification

Conduct a Gap Analysis and interview with different Dept Rep.

Provide awareness training and advisory visit

Provide a consultant to attend the whole audit

Why choose us as your FSC Certification Partner

Audit handled
15 Year
Consulting Experience
97 %
On Time Completion
96 %
Client Satisfcation



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Frequent Asked Question

For Company (Staff less than 50), it take 3 months on average.

In general, FSC Consultant will draft documentation, guide your company to implement FSC system until passing in FSC Certification Audit.

In general, the company can put the FSC in the website/ product, name card and letterhead after receipt of corresponding FSC Certificate.


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