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FSC COC Certification


RAISEPrint is a printed packaging manufacturer in Leeds. My Client is a family based business and have been established over 40 years. My Client offer a wide range of packaging items include cartons, liners, sleeves, wraps, counter-top display units, heat seal blister cards, insert cards, swig tickets and header cards to name just a few.

How to get FSC Certification before deadline

One big of their Client requested RaisePrint to get FSC Chain Of Custody Certification and provide FSC Certified printed packaging for coming order. If RaisePrint could not get FSC COC Certificate, they may lose this client and a certain sales volume. They had no idea about FSC COC Certification how to comply and apply.

FSC Certification Solution

Duration : Less than 3 Months

We provided FSC COC Certification solution to RaisePrint.

We helped them to set up a FSC workflow, FSC Product Group List and develop a set of Manual & procedures.

After Training , the key members understood what information they need to prepare for the audit.

We have provided 2 onsite advisory visit and checked the preparation.

Completion of FSC Certification

With our onsite guidance my Client passed the FSC Certification Audit. In Dec 2019, they got a copy of FSC Certificate. They enjoyed the benefit of FSC Certification that their Client placed orders to them continuously.

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